Dec 08, 2020 | Admin
  1. Change or clean air intake filters.This helps to get better heating/cooling and improves air quality. Buy cheap filters by the dozen and mark your calendar to change them every month!
  2. Check and repair window screens.Do this in the late winter right before spring.
  3. Do an overall inspection of your home’s exterior. See if there’s any damage (paint, stucco cracking, or holes) Include the fascia boards at the eves…these can suffer from dry rot and should be sealed or replaced.
  4. Get your air conditioning ready.It’s going to get hot quick! You may want to have it serviced and clean the coils.
  5. Clean out your gutters if you have them.Make sure everything’s flowing smoothly and free of leaves and debris.
  6. Aerate and fertilize the lawn.Many folks don’t over-seed with winter grass, as soon as temps get up into upper 80s and 90’s you’ll want to take care of this to prevent weeds from taking over.
  7. Clean/repair your cool deck or patio.You may need to power wash, prep and resurface concrete surfaces before the summer heat comes which can cause further damage to these surfaces.
  8. Repair and paint wood gates. Take this time to remove stains, treat with water repellent and/or stain them. Remember to get HOA approval if you are changing anything!
  9. Clean out and DE-clutter the garage. Spring time is the time for HOA Community Garage sales! Clear out and donate the clutter and establish designated spaces for tools, sports equipment, etc.
  10. Have a look at your roof. Summer monsoons are on the horizon, have a roofing contractor or if you are handy and hearty to get up on the ladder look over your tiles and ensure there is no missing, broken, or cracked tiles that could cause further issue with big winds and summer storms.

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